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Dr Kanani is chair of NHS Bexley CCG and a local GP.


Dr Nikita Kanani will be writing a blog regularly to highlight some of the developments, priorities and achievements of NHS Bexely CCG.

Dr Kanani's blog - October 2016

The changing shape of local healthcare

I gave a presentation a couple of weeks ago at King’s College Hospital to talk to a group of secondary care consultants about what my responsibilities as a chair are and what clinical commissioning is all about.

As a trainee GP, I spent lots of time on the wards, and trainee consultants also spend time in primary care. However, on updating my consultant colleagues, I realised just how much has changed in such a short period of time. I spoke about the role clinicians’ play in commissioning and how they use their clinical insight to enhance services for the benefit of patients. I spoke about what we commission and the changing plans for CCGs to take on more responsibility for the commissioning of GP services. I spoke about how we commission and explained some of our successful commissioning stories such as musculoskeletal services. I then moved onto Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), a new approach which will help to ensure that health and care services are built around the needs of local populations.

We’re fortunate in Bexley that commissioners and providers in both health and social care already work closely together – the Our Healthier South East London programme is a prime example of that. What excites me about STPs is the desire to make the Five Year Forward View (a key document which sets out a shared vision for the future of the NHS based around new models of care) a reality.As you all know, I’m passionate about the NHS and really want to ensure we continue to deliver the very best possible care for patients and with health needs changing and evolving all the time, this becomes even more significant.

In the last few months, as well as focusing on STPs, we also held our annual general meeting. Reflecting on the year reminds me how much we are all able to achieve despite a number of challenges. You can find out more about our journey in 2015/16 by downloading the full version and summary version of our annual report.

We also found out recently that the CCG has been shortlisted by Health Service Journal (HSJ) in the ‘CCG of the year’ category, as part of their annual awards which recognise, celebrate and promote the finest achievements in the NHS, and showcases them to the service’s most influential leaders. I know, from working with a number of CCGs in London and beyond, that CCGs undertake a huge amount of work and I think we all deserve an award of some kind. Despite the challenging environment we work in; it’s reassuring to know that the hard work of staff, practices and the partners we work with is recognised. The winners of the HSJ awards will be announced at a ceremony in late November – fingers crossed!

My next blog is due out just before the Christmas break, however, before I finish this editions, I’d like to remind readers about the importance of having a flu jab, particularly those in the ‘at risk’ groups and frontline staff. Flu is a highly infectious disease with symptoms that come on very quickly and although healthy individuals usually recover within two to seven days, for some, the disease can have far more severe outcomes.

I look forward to updating you again in December.


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