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Safeguarding children - where to get help

If a child is in immediate danger, please telephone the police on 999.

or sources of advice and referral visit Bexley Council website, via the left hand link. 


Where can I get help for domestic abuse?

Women’s Aid provides a helpline offering support services:

  • Bexley Women’s Aid - 020 8301 1536
  • Greenwich Women’s Aid - 020 8855 9461
  • Bromley Women’s Aid - 020 8313 9303

Bexley Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure children are protected from abuse or significant harm. Bexley LSCB is the key organisation that agrees how every agency in Bexley will co-operate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. It helps ensure the effectiveness of what these agencies do. Some of its key functions are:


  • To develop and agree local policies and procedures for inter-agency working, and to audit, evaluate and monitor how well services work together to safeguard children.
  • To communicate the shared responsibility across agencies for safeguarding children, and to encourage and develop effective working partnerships between professionals, through training and development programmes.
  • To listen to and consult with children and young people to ensure their views and opinions are taken into account.
  • To undertake serious case reviews where a child has died or is seriously harmed.
  • To undertake the Child Death Overview process (For more information see the Child Death Overview Panel pages)
  • To provide ‘bite size’ training and development opportunities


To find out more about the Local Safeguarding Children Board, view the left hand link.