Our vision for involving the public

The CCG’s vision and processes for involving the public in the CCG’s governance are set out in the NHS Bexley CCG constitution (May 2018), section 4. Vision, Mission and Values.  

Our processes for involving the public

The public is able to hold the CCG to account on its public involvement  in line with the processes set out in the CCG’s constitution, section 4.5.

This states that the CCG will:

Reports from the CCG governing body’s meetings in public detailing decisions relating to public involvement activity, including across providers – and minutes from previous meetings – are published in the governing body meeting papers

Information on the CCG’s activities relating to patient involvement, and its response to the feedback it receives, are detailed in the following publications, which are subject to scrutiny by bodies, including the CCG’s governing body and NHS England:

  • the annual CCG report (for example, see page 26 of the 2017/18 annual report)

How to get involved

The get involved page of this website details the ways that patients can be involved with CCG activities. This includes: membership of the CCG’s patient council, the patient advisory group, and membership of the CCG’s mystery shopper scheme