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GP Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) consist of a group of patients registered at a particular practice that meet on a regular basis to work with doctors and staff at GP practices to help improve services and patient experience.

PPGs are important as they make sure that the patient voice is part of discussions and taken into account at all times.   

PPGs also support practices in a number of different ways; for example’ by organising coffee mornings, where new services can be promoted to patients, or running a patient survey to collect feedback on practice services.


Bexley PPG Network

PPGs are also invited to take part in the quarterly PPG Network meetings, where representatives from all PPGs in Bexley come together to, share information, patient feedback and discuss how PPGs can work together.

The next PPG network meeting is on 17 September from 18.00-20.00 and is chaired by an elected PPG member.


How do I join?

Speak to a receptionist at your GP practice about joining your Patient Participation Group.

We aim to have a PPG in every GP practice in Bexley. 


Resources and guides to support PPGs can be accessed from the downloads menu on the left hand side.




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