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Have your say in local healthcare

28 June 2010

People in Bexley are getting the opportunity to join a membership scheme – giving them a say in the way local health services are run.
The scheme – called Your Health Matters – gives people the chance to attend events, conferences and open days, as well as receive text messages and email alerts, get the latest news on changes to health services and complete surveys and give feedback.
It is the first of its kind in London, enabling people to team up with others who share an interest in a specific area of healthcare, as well as share information, knowledge, skills and support.
One new member, Florence King of Burns Avenue Sidcup, said: “I really like the way you can become involved as little or as much as you like, and my opinions will be listened to by GPs and others involved in deciding how local healthcare services are run.”   
Those who sign up will be asked to give some information about their health needs and expectations, so that local health services can be tailored to their needs.
They will receive a membership card, and access to exclusive offers, such as the chance to win a leisure centre pass worth more than £400.
Bexley Care Trust’s Chairman Barbara Scott said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in local health services. It gives people the chance to get together and share ideas about how they would like to see healthcare provided in Bexley. It’s a real chance to make a difference – and the more people who join up the stronger it will be.”
For more information on joining Your Health Matters, log on to or call 020 8298 6206.
For media enquiries, please call 020 8298 2527 or email
Notes to editors
The membership scheme is open to everyone who lives and works in the borough; you can join as an individual or an organisation.
Training and education will be provided in discrete areas of work, for example becoming an ‘expert patient’ in a particular aspect of care where appropriate.
Your Health Matters will give:

  •  Greater accountability to the community
  • A better understanding of what people need from health services
  • An insight into how these services can be providedA boost for local people trying to understand how the local health service works, and how they can improve services.