Individual Funding Requests (IFR)


Introducing the IFR team

The Individual Funding Requests (IFR) team is responsible for the administration and co-ordination of requests to fund treatments which fall outside current commissioning arrangements and contracts entered into by south-east London commissioners.

What we do

Two key policies inform the work of the IFR team, and these are:

  • The south-east London treatment access policy – sets out the treatments and procedures for which restricted access criteria have been agreed. The access criteria are based on evidence of clinical effectiveness
  • The IFR policy – sets out the principles and process under which requests for a treatment or a diagnostic procedure, which fall outside the usual commissioning arrangements, contracts and service level agreements, will be considered by Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark commissioners.

How to apply

An IFR can be made by an NHS clinician (patient’s GP and/or consultant) on behalf of any patient registered with a Bexley GP.

Direct applications from patients are not considered.

The IFR team will aim to process all requests in 20 working days and urgent requests in 10 working days. This is dependent on the receipt of fully completed IFR forms supported by all the necessary information.

Urgent decisions

If a clinician decides that a treatment or intervention is required sooner than this and proceeds to treat, they do so at their own risk.

Applicants will be notified by letter, with a copy to the patient concerned. Decisions/outcomes will not be provided by telephone to patients.

Further Information

Correspondence should be sent to:      

IFR Team
South London Commissioning Support Unit
3rd Floor
1 Lower Marsh

tel: 020 3049 4154/4388
fax: 020 3049 4173
e mail: