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Prescribing guidance


NICE technology appraisals related to prescribing and medicines management

In Bexley, all NICE technology appraisals involving drugs, are reviewed by the medicines management working group. A spread sheet is kept, which records the date of approval and local considerations. It calculates the proportion of TAs implemented and the timescales.

Hospitals are able to request funding for any medicines not included on the list but must complete an individual funding request or business case template in the first instance.

Yearly contractual agreements with providers (such as hospitals and community-based care) are made regarding the commissioning of drugs for groups of patients. This helps to reduce discrepancies in prescribing, which local decisions for individual funding requests can produce. This arrangement also prevents more individual funding requests, reducing administration.


NHS Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group’s red list

NHS Bexley CCG medicines management committee has approved the South East London Area Prescribing Committee Red list for use in Bexley. The list of red drugs is available here.

Red listed drugs

Drugs on the red list should not be prescribed by primary care professionals, for example, doctors or independent prescribers.

The red list includes drugs for patients receiving on-going care, for example, monitoring of a cancer patient by a specialist, or where it is in the interest of the patient’s safety to receive the drug treatment through the specialist only. 

Funding is not provided for red listed drugs when setting GP prescribing budgets. 

Hospital doctors should not approach GPs to prescribe red listed drugs. Such cases should be identified to the medicines management team. 

Self-care initiatives

In line with NHS England guidance, and like many other CCGs, NHS Bexley CCG recommends that GPs should no longer routinely prescribe items that are considered to be of low clinical value or a waste of NHS resources, or which can be purchased easily from supermarkets or from pharmacies. Further information on these initiatives are available from NHS Bexley CCG and from NHS England.

Primary care rebate schemes

NHS Bexley CCG does review some primary care rebate schemes from pharmaceutical industry if there has been a positive opinion from London Procurement Partnership (LPP).

For more information on rebate schemes please visit the LPP website. To learn more about the rebate schemes that have been considered by NHS Bexley CCG, please contact Clare Fernee, Assistant Director of Medicines Management.