Local health challenges and how the CCG is tackling them


Residents enjoying the sights of Danson park


The CCG’s vision is for the 237,000 residents of Bexley to stay in better health for longer with the support of good-quality integrated care, available as close to home as possible – backed up by accessible, safe and expert hospital services, when they are needed

The CCG has identified seven key health related priority schemes to focus on locally in 2016 and beyond:

  1. Primary care
  2. Planned care services
  3. Urgent and emergency care services
  4. Maternity care services
  5. Children and young people’s services
  6. Queen Mary’s and Erith hospitals
  7. Cancer and end-of-life care

Meeting the challenges

For more information about what the CCG intends to do to improve all of the above priorities please see the diagram below:

 Plan on a page 2016 and beyond

 Working with others to tackle the health challenges

The CCG also works with a number of organisations and groups to ensure local people have access to high-quality healthcare. In particular, the CCG works in partnership with London Borough of Bexley (LBB) in a number of ways, for example:

  • Health and wellbeing board – like other areas in England, Bexley has a health and wellbeing board. This board comprises of leaders from the CCG and LBB and other health-related organisations, working together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population. The current priorities of the health and wellbeing board strategy are:
  1. Tackling childhood and adult obesity and promoting healthy choices
  2. Improving work to prevent diabetes and supporting those with the disease
  3. Supporting people with addictions including smoking, alcohol and drugs
  4. Supporting residents and their families affected by dementia
    • Integrated commissioning – pooling staff and funding to commission services between the CCG and LBB, for example, maternity, children and young people’s services, mental health services, services for older people and end-of-life services.
    • Better Care Fund – a local, single pooled amount of money making it easier for the NHS and local councils to work more closely together.

For more information about local health challenges and partnership working, please download the CCG’s latest annual report and accounts.