You said we did

You said, we did


Collecting feedback is extremely important but what is even more important is ensuring that the feedback is not only listened to but acted upon as quickly as possible. 


This ‘you said, we did’ approach to patient experience and engagement is embedded throughout NHS Bexley CCG and we are committed to informing local people of how their views and opinions have influenced change. 


Recent examples are set out in the table below:


Alternatives to A&E


You said

We did

There was a lack of awareness of local alternatives to A&E

We developed information to promote awareness of different pathways for support and advice



GP patient survey


Your said

We did

GP patient survey provides a powerful opportunity for patients to engage with the effectiveness of local primary care services.

Encourage and support Patient Participation Groups (PPG's) to raise the survey results with local providers and develop action plans to improve.



Health Checks


You said

We did

People with a learning disability experience difficulty accessing primary care services and not all have an annual health check.

Provided access to training with practice staff across Bexley to support delivery of health checks.

We also asked for dedicated appointment slots at start of clinics.

Initiated work to create an easy read letter for patients to give to their GP to highlight need for support/reasonable adjustments.



Awareness extended access hubs


You said

We did

Local people are not aware of the GP extended access hubs and some practices do not routinely offer hub appointments.

Information promoting GP extended access shared with Patient Council and PPG network to disseminate within their groups/ networks.  This included Healthwatch Bexley and Bexley Voluntary Service Council.

We also contacted GP members to highlight importance of ensuring frontline staff aware of service and how to book appointments